Here are a few pranks or jokes that some of 5es A pupils imagined for April Fool’s Day on the 1st of April.

British people don’t have fish on their back like in France but they like to make pranks.

Enjoy reading these pranks and keep them in store for next year but be sure to use them only in the morning otherwise YOU will be the fool !

Mrs Guinard

  • Someone put salt in my water. Gabriel
  • Someone put newspaper in my shoes. Gabriel
  • I put whipped cream in my sister’s shoes. Alban
  • I had my parents believe that I had a 20/20 in English ! Alban
  • Someone put a plastic spider in my bed and I was scared ! Louhann
  • Someone changed my fruit juice into beer ! Louhann
  • Someone filled the bottle of water with vinegar at the canteen. Matisse
  • Someone changed the keyboard letters from French format to the English one. Matisse.
  • Someone glued post-it notes on our car. Cassie.
  • Someone put fake blood in my shower head. Lilian.
  • Someone changed the hair gel with grey slime. Anton.
  • Someone poured out the grape juice and filled the bottle with vinegar. Anton.
  • You have to take slime and put it on someone’s hand when they sleep and take a feather duster and tickle it. The person will believe it is a fly and will try to chase it away. Romane.
  • You have to print an image of a shark with its big mouth open and stick it on the toilet bowl and when someone opens the bowl he or she will be scared. Romane.
  • Someone put sand in my bed before I went to bed. Koupaia.
  • I woke up my sister and made her believe that mum had received a message to say that there was school. Ayleen.
  • Last year I put food coloring in the toothpaste. Ayleen.
  • Someone put whipped cream on a sponge and pretended it was a cake. Soline.
  • Someone changed all the family’s pictures and put strangers in the frames. Tristan.
  • Someone put shoepolish in the bottle of shampoo. Tristan.
  • In the fridge, someone swapped a full yogurt with an empty one. Emilie.
  • In the kitchen, someone made a fake mouse hole. Emilie.