On April 22nd 2020, a lot of people all over the world, celebrated the 5Oth birthday of EARTH DAY. Here are some pledges our 4es have written to protect our planet : the Earth.

Mrs Guinard

Classe de 4e - Mme Guinard
Classe de 4e - Mme Guinard
  • Maélis  : I pledge I will sort waste, use less water, grow vegetables, switch off the light when it’s unnecessary.
  • Quentin  : I won’t leave the lights on, I will take shorter showers. I may travel shorter distances, I may shop locally.
  • Vanessa  : I promise I will stop eating processed food. I pledge I will limit my consumption of water and electricity.
  • Lola  : I will move more by bike or on foot than by car. I pledge I will use less electricity.
  • Maellys  : I promise I won’t switch on the light but I will open my curtains in the daylight.
  • Brendan  : I pledge I will save and protect nature. I may recycle more. I may reduce my consumption of water and energy.
  • Emeline  : Pledges I will keep : I would be careful not to use a lot of water, I would not throw waste on the ground and I would use my bike instead of the car. Pledges I may keep : I could pick up all the trash on my street.
  • Yann  : Pledges I will keep : I will switch the light off when I can draw the curtains. I will buy local food. I will reduce waste. Pledges I may keep : I may produce my own vegetables. I may make a compost.
  • Sarah  : Pledges I will keep : I promise I will eat less processed food and I will cook my own meals. I promise I will save water and save energy. Pledges I may keep : I may use renewable energy. I may live to protect the planet and reduce the greenhouse effect.
  • Mathéo  : Pledges I will keep : I won’t let the water run unnecessarily, I will switch off the light when I don’t need it, I will use my bike when I can, I will eat local food. Pledge I may keep : I may grow vegetables.
  • Antonin  : I will grow my own vegetables, I will reduce waste, I will turn off the tap. I may reuse objects and I may switch off unnecessary lights.
  • François  : I will take shorter showers, I will eat organic food. I may get an electric car.
  • Kylian  : Pledges I will keep : I won’t throw paper on the ground. I won’t pollute.
  • Onagünn  : I promise not to throw my garbage in nature, to use my bike or my horse more than the car, to waste as little water as possible, to collect the garbage that I find on the ground, not to waste food and not to put chemicals in my greenhouse. I can try to consume as little plastic waste as possible.
  • Océane  : I promise to respect the Earth. I am going to pollute less.
  • Léa  : I promise to sort out the waste in the bins. I promise not to throw garbage on the ground.
  • Maëlle  : I promise to recycle and not to waste energy. I may use less energy.
  • Ludivine  : I promise to sort waste properly, turn off the light once I leave a room, turn off the tap between each use, make a compost with bio degradable waste, limit my trips by car and rather go by bike or on foot, prefer local products.
  • Lylou  : Pledges I will keep : not to throw my waste in nature but put it in the bin. Pledges I may keep : eat less fast food.
  • Cali  : A pledge Imay keep : I may disconnect all the electric cables before sleeping.
  • Vincent  : Pledges I will keep : I promise to use less water. Pledges I may keep : I promise to use less plastic bottles. Pledges I certainly won’t keep : The pledge that I will not keep would be the first because I drink a lot of water but I will try.
  • Antoine  : I’m sorry but I couldn’t read your pledges ! Mrs Guinard
  • Enora  : I promise to avoid polluting. I will save energy and I may save water.
  • Basile  : I may not play video games so much, it will save energy.
  • Faustine  : I will only use the water I need and eat a healthy balanced diet. I will recycle my rubbish.
  • Josse  : I will use solar energy. I may only use my bike for one week.